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Frequently Asked Questions

Bull Invest is an automatic investment comparison site.

We study different investments in the stock market, forex, crypto-currencies and we submit them to a series of tests to find out if they are interesting, safe, and stable.

You can be sure that each investment we reference has been tested over several months beforehand and that we have contacted all the entities in contact with the project to ensure its seriousness and reliability.

Currently, we are three co-founding entrepreneurs behind Bull Invest.

You can find out more about us on the About Us page here..

You can find the list of all the investments we reference on this page.

We have a global ranking as well as a section "OUR REVIEW" on each investment.

All investments carry a minimum risk.

Our goal is to offer you the safest and most secure investments possible. We select projects, platforms and brokers that are only certified and have a minimum of seniority in order to reduce the risks to a minimum.

Find our disclaimer by clicking here..

Bull invest is for beginners who have never invested as well as for advanced investors who already have a large investment portfolio and wish to diversify further.

We can guide you 100% free of charge through your first investment with us.
Just send us a message on Telegram by clicking here.

We will answer all your questions and show you our results on different investments.

Each of the investments we refer to has a minimum capital requirement. Sometimes $100, sometimes $1.000.

Everyone invests with his means. The most important thing is to start as soon as possible, in order to profit as soon as possible.

Each investment has its own average monthly return according to its performance.

You can view the performance of each investment on its detail page.

We prefer investments where the capital is on a secure and certified broker.

Your capital will be placed on a broker and can be withdrawn immediately.

WARNING of investments that require you to deposit your capital on their own system without going through a broker. We do not recommend this type of investment as it is too risky in case of sudden closure of the service.

Each investment can have a different broker and is therefore subject to different withdrawal rules.

In general, your capital can be withdrawn at any time from your broker access.

If you are unable to withdraw your capital from a broker, please contact us.

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