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About the Team

In parallel to my former job as an employee, I have always been interested in investing/business online, there were many opportunities at the time but it required great technical skills that unfortunately I did not have so I tried many investment solutions that ended in failure. At the time (2009), there was less access to information and it was more difficult to integrate serious companies. I continued my research and I discovered Ecommerce. I've been in it 100% for a little over 4 years, I also discovered the incredible world of blockchain, trading and all these new worlds that were offered to us. I dedicated my time to these sectors and today I have a good vision on the right opportunities. Today, we have at heart to develop solid and sustainable projects that will be able to stand the test of time. We want as many people as possible to benefit from this, thanks to the educational tools we have developed and by creating a caring community with whom we can build the future. Bull Invest was born out of our experience, and we have condensed the best of what is available in the field of automatic investment.

Arnaud, Co-founder - TEAM BULL INVEST

Entrepreneur by nature, the business world opened its arms to me at the age of 19, so it's been many years since my ambitions to develop projects that accompany people with a similar state of mind to mine took shape. Chaotic path for some, full of learning for others, starting from ideas and developing these projects to ultimately accompany stakeholders in their personal and financial development has led me to have and be associated today with several structures: Digital agency of communication and marketing, Multiple E-trades and investment structures in the vast market of trading and especially Automatic Trading. Passionate about entrepreneurship, my approach as a company manager has brought me a lot on this more recent stage of investments. Indeed when we understand how a structure works, we better analyze and measure the level of risk of companies on which we can diversify our investments. And since investment = risk, the particularity of the company manager is to limit these risks to approach the future with more confidence and serenity.

Jérôme, Co-founder - TEAM BULL INVEST

4 years ago, I started my own business after graduating in computer engineering. I started in dropshipping before switching to more serious e-commerce. In parallel, I invested the profits made from e-commerce in the stock market, crypto-currency and also trading robots to generate income and make my money work for me and not the other way around. Knowing very well the investment environment now, I spend part of my time to accompany people to take their first step in this environment and build a solid portfolio. The purpose of creating a comparison site like this one is to allow anyone to discover the world of trading robots easily and to accompany them in their various investments. The key is diversification, as we often say, don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Fabien, Co-founder - TEAM BULL INVEST

We accompany you in your life as an investor.


Today, it is difficult to find dedicated people to help you and accompany you in your investments.
We have decided to share our different investments so that you too can enjoy them with the minimum of risk.
We carefully select our partners after a lot of testing and experience in each of the investments we offer.
Be sure that if you have a question, we have an answer and that in case of a problem you will not be left out.

It is time to invest in your future and build a solid portfolio.